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Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Dunkelblau

Crimefluencer campaign: amateur detectives in action for Ravensburger

Puzzle X Crime delights parents, children & crime story fans

“Baking and crime novels are my passion. That is why I thought UHLMANN PR’s idea of sharing a crime puzzle with my community to be very exciting. For Ravensburger’s Puzzle X Crime’s case, I came up with the fitting pastry, examined the evidence and was able to solve the murder case. My community, as well, was enthusiastic about this creative combination and immediately wanted to nibble and puzzle.”

Christina Rausch, owner of the blog “krimi & keks”

The task

The new Puzzle X Crime by Ravensburger combines puzzle fun with an exciting criminal case. How can this new product be popularised and appeal to two target audiencesparents with children and EXIT game’s fans – via social media?

Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Schaufel und Topf mit Erde
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Wassertropfen
Uhlmann PR | Illustration junger Pflanzen-Trieb

The implementation

Who better to solve this puzzle with a baked-in crime than a real inspector? Nobody! Therefore, we recruited Ferdinand Hofer (Tatort) and Paula Schramm (SOKO/Morden im Norden), two well-known actors from German crime series, for our digital campaign. On top of that, Christina came up with the perfect pastry for a “murderous birthday”.

For the children’s version of the puzzle game, book and game enthusiast Marsha, owner of the blog “Mutter und Söhnchen”, Kai Bösel, owner of the dad blog “daddylicous”, and their children proved themselves, among others, as capable detectives.

In total, eight micro and nano influencers, specifically chosen for their target audience, took their followers on their social media channels along on an exciting Puzzle X Crime experience.

The result

Parents, along with their teenagers, and crime film actors put their detective skills to the test. This is how we reached the targeted audiences of both Puzzle X Crime’s editions and sparked the follower’s interest for joint puzzling and solving the crime.

The influencer campaign reached almost 95,000 users and achieved a very good engagement rate of 7.2%.

Uhlmann PR | Illustration Baum, Eiche
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Gelb

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