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Eight years of the right stories

“For eight years now, we’ve been working hand in hand with UHLMANN PR: from strategic planning to consultation (also on crisis issues) to creative blogger partnerships. New ideas and approaches for successfully getting our vacation concept into the media always come up – I greatly appreciate that.”

Simone Clemens, DACH Public Relations Manager, Landal GreenParks

Mountains, beaches, educational trips - we know how to do tourism PR

What sets travel-related topics apart for us is their multidimensional nature. We set the mood for destinations, take a look behind the scenes of vacation concepts, tell emotional travel stories, all while keeping practical service issues in mind. Our network understands: these topics bear character and depth. Whether it’s parents, families, couples, or singles, our target audience can feel it: here I’ll find relaxation, adventure, and groove.

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Genuine delights in holiday homes

One trend, three bloggers, three countries, three regional dishes
In a blogger partnership, we explored the subject of “genuine delights” in holiday homes and sparked excitement for vacations and the respective regions.

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