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Storytelling for Schleich

When fairies help with baking and dinosaurs with homework

“The content ideas and texts from UHLMANN PR make the topics of free play and everything related to our figurines very emotionally engaging. They focus exactly on what’s on a family’s mind. As a mother of two children, I immediately pictured which of the agency’s fantastic ideas I would like to put into action myself one day.”

Bettina Pöhlmann, D2C CRM & Social Media Manager, Schleich GmbH

The task

Lion, cat, or dinosaur: With Schleich’s toys, children can play safari, farm, or prehistoric adventures. That’s obvious. But these figures can also serve as travel distractions, holiday entertainment, playful encouragers on the first day of school, or as a main focus for “free play.”

For us, they are the foundation for generating diverse content and telling an endless array of fantastic stories.

Uhlmann PR | Illustration Schaufel und Topf mit Erde
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Wassertropfen
Uhlmann PR | Illustration junger Pflanzen-Trieb

The implementation

We understand the pain points of parents and families. How can Schleich’s figurines help with that? This is the question we asked ourselves, and we found ideas, occasions, and stories seeking to make life with children a little easier and more carefree.

The results

This is how storytelling resonates: from the game idea for travel to learning incentives during the holidays, all the way to educational topics like “free play” and “quality time” in the family. We have created modular texts that include family-oriented content, taking readers along and allowing Schleich to use them in various ways across different channels.

The texts are used in newsletters as well as on the website, in advertorials, press releases, and in Schleich’s various social media channels.

Uhlmann PR | Illustration Baum, Eiche
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Gelb

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