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Social Media campaign for EUROPA radio plays

Content with added value for the summer

“We have already put many collaborations into practice with UHLMANN PR and we know: The concept of social media marketing is always creative and appealing to families.

This also applies to the idea of linking the new audio stories “Rulantica” and “The Flying School of Adventurers” with the search for holiday entertainment. Parents and children instantly recognise the added value of a relaxing beginning to the holidays. We have also created an adventure feature for fathers with a link to Europa-Park.”

Kai Bösel, influencer and owner of the Daddylicious blog

The task

Two new episodes of the EUROPA audio stories “Rulantica” and “The Flying School of Adventurers” were launched in summer 2023. How do 10 to 13-year-old children and their parents find out about them?

Our task: track down fantasy fans, audio story fans and Europa-Park fans and get them excited about the new episodes.

Uhlmann PR | Illustration Schaufel und Topf mit Erde
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Wassertropfen
Uhlmann PR | Illustration junger Pflanzen-Trieb

The implementation

The new episodes came out just in time for the start of the summer holidays. Perfect for combining both themes – audio stories and holidays. All parents are looking for ideas to shorten the travelling time and to provide variety at the holiday destination.

We know: Well-made audio stories are at the top of the activity list. To make the current hook more attractive, we put the stories’ connection to Europa-Park centre stage. Three influencers with a large following combined the audio story suggestion with an attractive prize draw for the Rulantica Water World.

The result

Both of our collaborating partners for fathers, the Daddylicious and Netpapa blogs, focused on adventure features in the stories: keyword Familycation.

The amount of action in the audio stories as well as in Europa Park came across really well.

Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest – we reached the community of both fathers on all social media channels: remarkably through the draw prize competition.

The story was told with a lot of emotion and, keeping with the theme, underwater scenes of mermaids swimming in a pool were added by the Großeköpfe Blog. The high engagement rate of 5.2% shows that the followers also found the topic exciting.

Uhlmann PR | Illustration Baum, Eiche
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Gelb

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