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Breaking down complex topics

“Our philosophical educational coaching programme is very complex and multilayered. UHLMANN PR knew how to come to grips with it and put our unique range of seminars in clear and simple words. Through strategically thoughtful communication initiatives, we are able to meet our target audience without detours and convince them.”

Dr. Lydia Fechner, Board Member, Philosophisches Seminar e.V.

Nothing grows more sustainably than education

Discovering the joy of learning is the cornerstone of good education, it’s the seed for a purposeful life.

When our clients instill a love for reading in children, enable students to see the bigger picture, and provide management with fresh solutions, we help these endeavors to thrive through professional educational PR.

We aim the content in two directions: towards the users of the services as well as towards the multipliers such as teachers or educators.

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Denkwürdig Logo

Student outreach for "Denkwürdig!"

Approaching students with a finely custom-tailored pipette, not with the one-size-fits-all watering can

Now we know what makes them tick – the students interested in the history of the human questioning and thought. Through an in-depth study of this specific target audience, we were able to identify and implement pinpoint communication measures.

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