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Student outreach for "Denkwürdig!"

Delving into the target audience

“Our supplementary study program ‘Denkwürdig!’ offers philosophy courses for students. UHLMANN PR conducted a highly detailed analysis of our unique quality and immersed themselves in the world of our very specific target audience.

Through this intensive involvement and well-coordinated activities, we have been successful in addressing and engaging new participants.”

Johanna Hueck, Management Team Philosophisches Seminar e.V.

The task

“Denkwürdig!” is an interdisciplinary philosophical supplementary program designed for students from different academic backgrounds.

The program requires extensive explanation. It is our task to make it known and understood among students and trainees by using targeted and convincing public relations work aiming to attract participants for the one-year study program as well as for the one-week summer school.

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The implementation

What makes them tick, the students and trainees interested in the history of human questioning and thinking? And how can we convince them to take time away from their education for comprehensive issues that will benefit them in their everyday lives and work?

Rarely have we dealt with a target group as thoroughly and intensively as we did for “Denkwürdig!”. After numerous brainstorming sessions, research, and analysis, we took an approach that works with precision, similar to using a pipette rather than a broad-stroke watering can; an approach which also keeps an eye on the tight budget.

By sending individualized mailings to faculty student bodies and departments researched in advance, and by reaching out through Instagram and LinkedIn, we can target exactly the right students with the right message without wasting time and resources.

The result

Immediately after the initial mailings, our client received feedback. Our request to disseminate the information via posters, internal university newsletters and university apps was met by the departments and student bodies – and the topic was found convincing. Through owned channels like LinkedIn and Instagram, we succeeded in generating interest in the philosophical content.

Direct registrations for the online information meetings and the further education courses are the outcome. The upcoming academic year, starting in October 2023, will begin with engaged students.

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