Our services

Analysis & Consultation

We will find your roots.

For messages to land successfully, you properly need to understand your brand DNA and USP. We take a close look at your company and your products and services, not just scratching the surface but digging down to the roots, until we find your “why” and your unique brand promise.

We analyse the pain points of your target audience and the market dynamics, including the competition. We are well-versed in the insights of our industries and regularly mentor students in their master’s theses on current PR topics.

With this foundation of knowledge, we provide you with advice that is thorough, passionate, forward-thinking, and heartfelt.

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Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis
Uhlmann PR | Illustration zwei Blumentöpfe mit beschrifteten Steckern
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Gelb

Concept & Content

We look at the big picture.

With the big picture in mind, we plan your communication strategy based on defined communication goals and KPI targets and put them into action comprehensively.

We enjoy finding creative PR initiatives for your company and planning cross-media campaigns. At the same time, we also rely on classic, solid press work. We continuously assess the impact of our efforts through media response analysis and press clippings to determine if our seeds are taking root successfully.

Editorial & Storytelling

We discover and tell your stories.

In every company, in every organisation, there is a compelling story waiting for us to be told and blossom in all its colours. Stories have always been what moves, convinces, and mobilises people.

We craft your messages and stories into the right text, whether in the form of press releases, advertorials, print mailings, or specialised articles – vivid and emotionally engaging.

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Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Grün
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Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Dunkelgrün

Multimedia Distribution

We take your message to the world.

For messages and stories to be heard, they need to be successfully told to the outside world: whether through earned, owned, or paid channels, whether through influencer partnerships, digital campaigns, radio PR, or print articles.

Sometimes we use a broad-stroke watering can, other times a fine custom-tailored pipette. Sometimes we bring an entire garden into full bloom, other times we nurture specific plants strategically. We place your messages in the right channels, at the right time, with the right tone, and with the right contacts in our network.

Networking & Contacts

We forge valuable bonds.

They know us and they trust us: the relevant journalists from major publishers and broadcasters, family and travel bloggers, as well as sustainability or education influencers.

Why? Because we have been communicating for over 20 years – always with substance and always something valuable to say. We understand which news each medium calls for and how a story should be edited for different channels. We see ourselves as networkers, bringing companies, organisations, and people together.

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Uhlmann PR | Illustration Brennnessel
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Coralle

Crisis Communication

We provide the toolbox for emergencies.

Crises are like weeds: they grow infinitely fast and can overgrow the entire garden. Quick, flexible, and competent action is essential in times of crisis. So for us, crisis communication begins long before the crisis itself.

What are the issues that could grow out of control? Who will be the spokesperson in case of a crisis and what statements can be prepared? Together we address and develop these questions in a workshop. On this basis, we set up comprehensive crisis plans, statements, and FAQs, and provide media training for you and your colleagues as needed.