For us, it's crystal clear:
We communicate values – and nothing else.

We expect the energy we invest in our clients and our network to have a positive impact.

With our work, we aim to sow seeds that will bloom for many years to come. We want to provide real added value to the people who use our clients’ services. We want children to grow up healthy and happy with these offers. We want to be sure that our clients feel, take, and live up to their responsibility to society.

We are passionate about these causes, and for them we leverage our network that has grown and been nurtured over many years. Creative ideas, colourful content, and effective strategies sprout from our minds for these causes. Sometimes, it takes courage for us to be consistent with this stance. But even after more than twelve years, we are confident of this focus.

We are happy if you share this approach!

Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis

"When we look in the mirror at night, we know:
We have done something meaningful."

Uhlmann PR | Illustration Pflanze

Our team

CEO + Founder

"Having a valuable product doesn't automatically mean knowing how to make it known. This is where my expertise and passion come in: understanding good things, capture them in a nutshell for the target audience, and giving them a voice through emotional stories."

Annette Uhlmann

Senior Consultant

"No matter the budget, we are sparring partners, advisers, and we connect good with good. The fact that we receive a lot of appreciation from our clients for this makes my work special."

Solveig Dülfer

Junior Consultant

"We discover the story behind the story and use creative content to bring our clients' messages into the world. In doing so, we use all channels to reach the target groups right where they are."

Laura Herbst

"I am your new job. Together we can work for world-renowned brands and creatively shape your work. I give your work meaning and your skills room to flourish. Get in touch if we should meet sometime."

I'm the new one

Our partners

"Changes toward better sustainability or digitalization present an opportunity for both companies and people to grow. As a change manager and expert in internal communication, I am happy to support these transformation processes."

Silke Balsys

"Over the past 20 years, I have worked with Annette and her team to bring numerous value-driven topics on air as radio features, audio collaborations, and podcasts. We make the emotional backstories come to life through original sound bites and in podcast formats."

Daniel Barchet

"The outside is only successful when it truly reflects the inside. That’s why it is important to me to precisely define the core and messages in visual projects with UHLMANN PR."

Antje Daemgen​

Our references

What values
do you represent?

Tell us about it.

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Phone: +49 711 720 77 140

Uhlmann PR | Illustration junger Pflanzen-Trieb
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Gießkanne
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Wassertropfen
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis