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Strategic communication for Tutoring for All

Best PR practices for effective reading promotion

“Our vision is to introduce Tutoring for All in at least 25% of German schools. That is because tutoring is one of the most effective methods of promoting reading. This requires good press and public relations work. UHLMANN PR takes a fresh look at our programme from the outside, supports us with our strategic direction and the challenge of getting our message across to decision-makers as effectively as possible.”

Dr Ekkehard Thümler, founder and managing director of Tutoring for All

The task

Almost one in four children in Germany learns to read inadequately at school. Tutoring for All offers targeted and individualised support for pupils through tutors outside of regular lessons to combat this problem.

As a partner agency of Baranek & Renger, we support Tutoring for All in strategic communication. The mission: to be visible to the most important stakeholders with accurate key messages.

Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Schaufel und Topf mit Erde
Uhlmann PR | Quadrat Türkis
Uhlmann PR | Illustration Wassertropfen
Uhlmann PR | Illustration junger Pflanzen-Trieb

The implementation

It doesn’t work without the basics: groundwork is the beginning of any successful public relations work. Our first steps are clear core messages, FAQs that provide exciting insights and create transparency, and identifying the most important gatekeepers in the media and education sector. With these tools, we can communicate in a targeted and effective manner and inform the network about the necessity and benefits of tutoring.

The result

A precise roadmap on how to get Managing Director and founder Dr Ekkehard Thümler in talks with the education network. We know where and with which topics we want to make strategic points for Tutoring for All and use all channels for this: from LinkedIn to press contacts to cooperation partners.

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