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Copywriting for more child safety

Effectively addressing parents and educators as a target audience

„We have reworked our website. Now, it has a much clearer and modern structure. As well, we wanted to adjust the content to better address our target audience. With UHLMANN PR, we had professionals in copywriting and understanding target audiences at our side. This way, we can ensure that parents and educational professionals have an easy access to content that is not always easy to handle.“

Britta Schöpfer, project manager at the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) für Kinder e.V., a German non-profit association

The task

Good and precise information to prevent children’s accidents: The BAG’s website www.kindersicherheit.de is offering this. With our knowledge about the target audience children and family, our task was to revise the texts on this website.

The objective was to make the website’s texts easier to read, easier to comprehend, more modern and appealing to both parents and educational professionals as a target audience.

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The implementation

Nowadays, due to social media, among other things, parents are used to be addressed directly and having their needs met accurately. This necessitates using their language and to be on par with without patronising them.

With this in mind, we revised the extensive and in-depth information on child safety in everyday life, road traffic, day-care centres and school.

The result

What do mum and dad have to pay attention to when their children start crawling? How can falls, burns and other accidents be avoided?

Because our deep insight into both target audiences, we were able to design the website’s texts comprehensible and more appealing. Now mums, dads, and educators have an easy access to the import content.

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